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"Our pets are angels who come to teach us what unconditional love is, and when they have done their job they go home." Janice Ford Grimes

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The top three worst allergen foods for your dog

Rabbit, white potatoes and pumpkin. 95% of dogs are allergic to these three foods. Pumpkin is the most surprising because it ...
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What allergens do to your dog

Does your dog lick, scratch, have hot spots and bad skin? Does your dog have chronic ear infections, eye infections? ...
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Your pets health.

Does your dog pick at his food? Does he lick it and walk away? And then later come back and ...
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Some Of The Worst Allergens

Do everything you can to keep your dog from white potatoes, pumpkin and rabbit. Pumpkin is surprising because it is ...
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From Massages to ‘Pawicures,’ These Resorts Have It All for Pets

By PAUL SULLIVAN JULY 21, 2017 Keith Clemson, a psychotherapist focused on couples therapy in Washington, worries about his dog when he goes away. ...
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Meet Janice Ford Grimes of Spa Paws Hotel in Fort Worth

Today we’d like to introduce you to Janice Ford Grimes. Janice, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you starte ...
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Happy Holidays and Fuzzy Memories

Christmas time is a special time at Spa Paws Hotel. The Hotel is decorated and special items are available for ...
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ENews: Inside the Luxe Dog Life

by Natalie Finn Bow-Wow: From Pawbars and Zen Centers to Royal Suites and Room Service, Inside the Luxe Dog Life "... ...
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Halloween Costume Contest and Pumpkin Craving

Spa Paws Hotel hosted a Halloween Costume Contest for our guests and Pumpkin Craving for their fur-parents. Watch our video ...
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Paws Glamour Shop – ‘The’ restraint-free grooming location in Fort Worth

Inside of Spa Paws Hotel, our clients enjoy a restraint-free grooming experience. Paws Glamour Shop groomers work in a salon ...
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