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Paws Wellness Center

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Fort Worth, TX 76107
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Rest Easy

Improve the well-being of your pets and discover peace of mind for you at Spa Paws premiere pet wellness center.

Experience a higher quality of life for your precious pets. Our Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art facility designed to treat the whole health of your pets. We focus on healing and prevention as well as recovery and treatment of chronic diseases, allergies, behavioral issues and emotional problems. We also work with rehabilitation and postoperative pain. You’ll rest easy knowing that Paws Wellness Center carries the highest standards of excellence and care. This is the Spa Paws promise.

» Acupuncture & traditional Chinese veterinary medicine
» Massage and accupressure
» Customized prescriptions & formulas for special diets
» Rehabilitation facility & hotel accommodations
» Wellness classes on specific breeds & prevention


Dr. Anne Barns, DVM

Introducing Dr. Anne Barns, DVM

Dr. Barns has 29 years of veterinary experience. Her education and training include:
» Texas A&M Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science in 1983
» Texas A&M Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Science in 1985
» Texas A&M Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1987


About Dr. Anne Barns

While practicing Western veterinary medicine, Dr. Barns developed a love of Eastern practices that are less invasive fro the pet and can provide results that are amazing. Her training in Eastern practices, in addition to Western medicine has given her a deep understanding of how to treat our pets. Additional  education and training include:

» Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation by Dr. Inman’s course in 2000
» Veterinary Homeopathy by the Pitcairn Institute (PIVH) in 2002
» Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and food therapy from the Chi Institute in 2007

Dr. Barns’ family includes many pets. She loves to travel, especially to Europe. She frequents museums and enjoys adding new languages to the five she already knows.

Dr. Barns and Paws Wellness Center believe balance, the highest standards of care, commitment to preventative holistic education and non-invasive methods of healing are not a luxury for your pet, but a necessity along with Western medicine.


Dr. Anne Barns, DVM


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